Spousal & Interdependent Partner Support

Spousal Support & Interdependent Partner Support

Known as Alimony in the USA, in Canada, we refer to support for a spouse as Spousal Support.  If you are legally married, you will be governed by the Divorce Act, Canada and if you are not married, but in a committed relationship and meet the necessary criteria, you may be entitled to Interdependent Partner Support.  

Contrary to what you might believe, Spousal Support or Interdependent Partner Support is not an entitlement like child support.  Whether you are entitled to  support depends on various factors, such as:

  • length of marriage
  • roles within the marriage
  • needs of the spouse
  • ability to pay

Similar to Child Support, the Government of Canada has created the Spousal Support  Advisory Guidelines (“SSAG”) to assist you determine the proper amount of Spousal Support.  For instance, if you are entitled to Spousal Support and you have children, the amount of Spousal Support may change depending upon your arrangement.  Again, Spousal Support is not an automatic right like Child Support.  The SSAG are one tool you should consider for determining Spousal Support.  See http://www.justice.gc.ca/eng/fl-df/spousal-epoux/ssag-ldfpae.html for more information.

For an assessment on whether you are entitled to Spousal Support or Interdependent Partner Support or would like an opinion as to whether you could be responsible to pay Spousal Support, contact us at kskowalchuk@gmail.com.