Katherine Kowalchuk – Lawyer and Founder

WAM Family Law (formerly Law Boutique), is all about the people.  WAM stands for “We All Matter”.  After practicing for for over 14 years as a general practitioner, I have decided to focus exclusively on Family Law and Divorce.  

There are many reasons why I have made this decision but the main reason for making this switch from Law Boutique is because I truly believe there can be better and different way to approach family law.  While this might not happen over night, I am committed to incorporating different ideas and methods to deliver my clients a holistic experience and to reach a place a true acceptance and happiness.  

In providing our services, we will be incorporating various unconventional principles, practitioners and beliefs that are certainly not main stream but I believe will assist my clients go through their separation, divorce or other family law related issue with grace and peace of mind that no matter what the outcome, things can be great.  

Our primary focus is family law and divorce.  As a person who has personal experience in this area, having gone through my own divorce and other challenges, I find a real connection with my clients and truly understand what each is going through.

I was called to the Bar in 2003, and have been consistently helping clients meet their goals and objectives since that time. I look forward to providing the same high level of service and expertise to new and existing clients of WAM Family Law.  

In addition to practicing law,  I have completed the LESA Family Law Mediation Course and am pleased to offer both legal and mediation services for our clients. I have an interest in politics and promoting innovative and thought provoking ideas.  I love to create. 

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