Alternative Mediation Services

WAM Family Law  (formerly Law Boutique) is pleased to offer Alternative Mediation Services.  A hybrid solution wherein both parties agree to mediate and receive legal advice.

Litigation is not always the best or practical solution to resolving disputes.  Having said this, mediation is not always the right solution either.  Traditional mediation services typically demand that the mediator refrain from providing legal advice.  This makes sense, but is often not practical.  We understand that parties have finite financial resources and time and may not want to adjourn talks to obtain legal advice.

When you participate in Alternative Mediation Solutions, you are agreeing to mediation with the added bonus of each party obtaining legal advice.


When might Alternative Mediation Solutions be effective?

1. When both parties have all of the same information – if one party holds more information, it is next to impossible to have a mediation that is balanced.  Mediation is as much about trust as it is coming up with a resolution that leaves both parties feeling like they have the best possible outcome.

2. When both parties have equal bargaining power – if there is an imbalance of power between the parties, alternative mediation will likely fail.  Both parties need to feel secure in knowing that a fair resolution in possible.

3. When both parties are willing to compromise – if you believe that your position is the only correct position and are not willing to compromise, your are wasting your time and money.  One must be willing to give and take in any mediation setting.

Our experience is that often times, people may not recognize the motivation supporting a particular position.  Perhaps you are fearful or perhaps you believe the other party’s position to be based on one thing, when really it’s about something else entirely.  We are trained to open the lines of communication and deconstruct what is really behind the position you might be taking and to provide you with the legal resources right then and there for a more balanced mediation experience and outcome.


Fee Structure

We offer flat rate Alternative Mediation Services.

1. Half Day Mediation (less than 3 hours) – $1,000, plus GST

2. Full Day Mediation (3 to 7 hours) – $1850, plus GST

When booking your meditation, you will either book a half or full day session at the flat rate.  Payment is expected at the time of booking.


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